Package usb.core

Interface Summary
Bus A Universal Serial Bus connects a set of (USB) devices to a Host.
DeviceSPI This is not an Application Programming Interface.
Host Represents a host with one or more Universal Serial Busses.
USBListener Interface implemented by objects that want to monitor USB structure.

Class Summary
Configuration Provides access to a USB configuration supported by a device, and to the interfaces associated with that configuration.
ControlMessage This class supports control messaging with convenience methods for common calls, and encapsulates data for all control requests.
Descriptor This is a base class for entities with USB typed descriptors.
Device Provides access to a USB device.
DeviceDescriptor Provides access to a USB device descriptor.
Endpoint Provides access to a USB endpoint descriptor, structuring device data input or output in a given device configuration.
HostFactory Bootstrapping methods.
Hub Bundles access to a USB Hub descriptor and some hub operations.
Interface USB interfaces describe sets of endpoints, and are associated with a particular device configuration.
PortIdentifier This class provides "stable" string identifiers for USB devices, appropriate for use in operations and troubleshooting.
USBListenerAdapter Subclassable USBListener adapter, which ignores all calls.

Exception Summary
USBException USBException objects indicate USB errors.