Java USB API for Windows Documentation
  Complete documentation: Java USB API for Windows (PDF 2.2Mb)  
  1. Introduction (PDF 9KB)
  2. Motivation (PDF 8KB)
  3. USB Overview (PDF 300KB)
    A short introduction to USB and its topology.
  4. Java USB API for Windows (PDF 142KB)
    The Windows driver stack and its mapping to the Java USB API.
  5. Java USB API Design (PDF 397KB)
    The implementation of the host on Java side and the native methods from Java Native Interface.
  6. jUSB Driver (PDF 346KB)
    Explanation about the jUSB driver development
  7. User Installation (PDF 10KB)
    Where to put the jUSB DLL and the jUSB driver.
  8. Developers Installation (PDF 135KB)
    Installing steps to compile successfully the jUSB DLL and build the jUSB driver.
  9. Conclusion (PDF 17KB)
  Appendix A : IOCTL Codes used by the jUSB Framwork (PDF 23KB)  
  Appendix B: Global Unique Identifier GUID (PDF 52KB)  
  Appendix C: Device Interface Classes (PDF 15KB)  
  Appendix D: Replacement of Origin Driver with the jUSB Driver (PDF 15KB)  
  Appendix E: Java Native Interface Linking Error (PDF 13KB)  
  Appendix F: A sample of DbgView with HP Scanjet 4100C (PDF 17KB)  
  Literature and References (PDF 10KB)