The jUSB API for Windows offers the oportunity to use the Java Programming language to access any kind of USB devices attached to the USB. All sources, binaries and documentation are originated during my diploma thesis in the Global Information System Groups ( at the Institute for Information Systems at the ETH, Zurich, Switzerland).

The jUSB API for Windows does not support all functionality that should be possible from the jUSB core API. At the moment enumeration and monitoring of the USB is complete. Interrupt transfer and control transfer are partly implemented. Bulk transfer is still subject of future work.

How to Get Started
End User:  
  If you are interested in using the jUSB API for Windows in its limited functionality then download the file and read chapter 7 in the documentation.
  The jUSB API for Windows needs developers which extend the existing framework to a complete jUSB API. The files contains all binaries and source code of the package, of the jUSB DLL and of the jUSB driver. Chapter 8 explains the installations issues so that you can rapidly start on developing the jUSB API, or you may just experiment with the sources.
Diploma Thesis: Java USB API for Windows (PDF 2.2Mb) Chapters
JavaDoc: package